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Traversing the Odyssean Narrative; Asterios Polyp and the Politics of Movement, Stasis, and Gender
Shawn Massak - Spring 2014
Chapter 3 - Polyphony and the Satiric Grotesque in Dorothy Parker's Fiction
Julia Hans - Fall 2013
Teaching Shakespeare Now
Mandy Flis - Fall 2012
An Excerpt from "Framing the Feminine: Using the Epistolary in Frankenstein"
Argyro Armstrong - Fall 2012
An excerpt from "Between Youth and Experience: Historical and Social Contexts of Irish Identity in Brian Friel's Drama"
Jennifer Zugates - Fall 2012
Promised Lands: Jewish American Fiction on Longing and Belonging edited by Derek Rubin
Michael Hoberman - Fall 2010
Chapter II - Do the Clothes Make the (Wo)man?
Melissa Bourque-Silva - Spring 2010
Chapter 1 - Which Text?: The Original Scroll and On The Road as Setting
Kelly Faulkner - Spring 2010
Chapter V: On Twain's Opus
Garrett Zecker - Fall 2009
Chapter 3: Light in August
Melissa Zingarella - Fall 2008
Standing at the Crossroads of Conflict: A Consideration of Coetzee's Foe, Politics and Postcolonial Literary Theory
Stephanie Lizotte - Fall 2008
The Expression of Oppression and the Turning of Pain into Beauty and Humor: Magical Realism in García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude
Kathryn Larrivee - Spring 2008
Mother's Mirror
James-Ethan Linton - Spring 2008
Inchoate Oates: Writing Between Assassinations 1963-1968
Gail Feckley - Spring 2007
Keeping the "Germinating Grain Away From the Light": Neurotic Origins of Vocational Passion in Casaubon and Lydgate of George Eliot’s Middlemarch
Jonas S Cope - Spring 2007
Tale as Old as Time: Intertextuality and the Evolution of "Beauty and the Beast"
Amanda L Anderson - Spring 2007