Sample Work

OPeri is an open source digital publishing platform. It arose out of a digitization project involving a student publication for the Fitchburg State University English Department. The front end is browseable, searchable, and navigable using controlled metadata. Learn more about OPeri.
Sample back-end screen shots (click to see larger image):
Electronic Resource Management System (ERMS)
This system was created to both provide front-end subject access and allow back-end bibliographic, financial, and usage data for research databases. There are modules for periodicals management, and providing detailed reporting with the ability to download in csv format. It also includes a multilevel security system for providing varied levels of access.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):
Massachusetts Center for the Book Database Project
This project involved the creation of a relational MySQL database to enable future development of a literary map of Massachusetts. It includes approximately 20 tables and links historic sites with authors, businesses, bookstores, schools designed to be accessible by region, counties, towns, and neighborhoods.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):

Fitchburg State University Library Mobile Website Prototype
This is a fully functional prototype created to provide access to several key services for library users. It also includes a subset of a larger collection of research databases which are optimized for mobile uses, drawn off of a functional exiting database for normal web access.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):