Writing/White Papers

Below is a selection of various papers, publications and blog entries I have created on various subjects.

Database Design

The below set reference some of the projects described on this website, and how they have been implemented.
  • OPeri Publishing Platform - Field Reports
    This is a description of how and why OPeri came into existence.
  • Building your own ERMS
    This accounts the process surrounding the construction of an in-house Electronic Resource Management System for Library High Tech News. This article was a summary of a presentation given at the American Library Association's 2014 Annual Conference. The article is available to subscribers, or for purchase.
  • Connecting to Amazon RDS with MySQL
    This is a basic tutorial on getting started with AWS and working with database instances (This article was ghost-written for a third-party blog).

Usability and User Experience

Often when designing websites or software, there is unfortunately a tendency of many developers or designers to forget the role of the user. The success of any application depends strongly upon those who are using it. While it may seem obvious to those who have designed a site or application on how to use it, there's an unfortunate tendency to get a little too close to the work. While to you it may seem that it is easy-to-use, or naturally intuitive, it's important to understand that different people approach information in different ways. For this reason, we need to develop tools that help us learn to understand the best way to display our information so that it is meaningful to the user. If you wish them to use your website effectively, and to understand what it is you are trying to get them to do, this needs to be a large part of your planning process at all stages of your application.

Here are a few selected articles and blog entries I have written on this subject.



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