OPeri: OPen Periodical Publishing Platform

OPeri: Open Periodical Publishing Platform

An easy-to-use system for publishing Open Access journals

OPeri is a system designed for digitizing small journals, periodicals or other serial content. It is especially useful for libraries and other institutions with limited resources wishing to provide a digital platform for existing in-house print periodicals. OPeri has a small digital footprint and will work on many small servers. Out of the box, it can function quickly as a way to get small print publications online in a more easily accessible format.

Storage of data is designed to be compatible with digital archiving of periodicals. Articles are uploaded in PDF format, preserving original formatting. Functionality exists for cataloging all pages of the publication to preserve a historical record, but also with the ability to choose which types of items become visible to the public.

OPeri is ideal for working with:

  • Student Publications
  • College/University Publications
  • Department Newsletters
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Local Government Proceedings
  • Chamber of Commerce Newsletters
and more.

Public features include:
  • Customizable Main Page
  • Author, Subject, Content Type, or Keyword Searching
  • In-page viewable or downloadable PDF
  • Issue Browsing
  • Automated MLA Citations
Sample front-end screen shots (click to see larger image):
Back-End features include:
  • Detailed Metadata management
  • Back-end User Management Console
  • Periodical name-change functionality
  • Secure PDF and image uploading
  • Customizable Interface, including on-the fly CSS editing
  • Archival Support
Sample back-end screen shots (click to see larger image):

View a live Demo

OPeri is free to download. For assistance with managing, customizing or hosting, or for other questions, please contact me.

Download the Source Code