Development Samples

This project involved the creation of a personal portfolio management tool. It provides a method for keeping a record of past projects/works, and for tracking current projects. The portfolio manager includes numerous graphical charting tools for visualizing data.
Sample back-end screen shots (click to see larger image):
OPeri is an open source digital publishing platform. It arose out of a digitization project involving a student publication for the Fitchburg State University English Department. The front end is browseable, searchable, and navigable using controlled metadata. Learn more about OPeri.
Sample back-end screen shots (click to see larger image):
This was a fun little experiment working with the Twitter API. It allows searching a username or keyword, and displays a specified number of tweets. It allows using geolocation to either choose your current location or a specified set of coordinates, and converts user references, hashtags, and external URLs into links. (View the Source Code)
Choice Connect and ccAdvisor Connect
These systems are large proprietary enterprise-level applications for managing the back end of a couple of large book and database review websites. These systems involve a complicated workflow for communicating with reviewers and managing the editorial process. I maintain these systems and have created large modules ranging from reviewer access, a publisher portal, and also various functionalities for streamlining existing processes.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):
OER Database
This is a sample case of a small database for managing an internal knowledge-base of Open Educational Resources as a study for a larger project. This is designed to provide easy user-manageable access to multiple database functions, including organization, editing, and reporting functions.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):
Electronic Resource Management System (ERMS)
This system was created to both provide front-end subject access and allow back-end bibliographic, financial, and usage data for research databases. There are modules for periodicals management, and providing detailed reporting with the ability to download in csv format. It also includes a multilevel security system for providing varied levels of access.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):
Massachusetts Center for the Book Database Project
This project involved the creation of a relational MySQL database to enable future development of a literary map of Massachusetts. It includes approximately 20 tables and links historic sites with authors, businesses, bookstores, schools designed to be accessible by region, counties, towns, and neighborhoods.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):

This is a sample blog-type application using Wordpress for managing recipes. It is organized by course-type, ingredient, and meant to maintain a personal intimate approach.
Sample screen shots (click to see larger image):

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Sample Publications

I have published over 200 articles in various formats, ranging from blog posts, to white papers and articles for academic and trade journals. Many are ghost-written, however below is a sampling of authored pieces.

White Papers

An exploration of three record and play testing tools from the perspective of a first-time user.
This accounts the process surrounding the construction of an in-house Electronic Resource Management System for Library High Tech News. This article was a summary of a presentation given at the American Library Association's 2014 Annual Conference. The article is available to subscribers, or for purchase.
This is an account of a usability study performed on a university library website, in order to determine how students used the site, and to identify areas for an improvement prior to a redesign. This evolved out of a presentation at the CUNY Library Assessment Conference at Baruch College in 2014.
This is an article that I wrote for the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship on purchasing of E-Books. It's available for subscribers, or downloadable as Green Open Access here.
A primer on automated testing techniques, ranging from record-and-play, to full behavioral frameworks.
An account of the circumstances and process surrounding the creation of OPeri, my Open Periodical Publishing Platform
In this article we explore simultaneous testing frameworks. These tools are ideal for load testing.

Guest Blogs

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AWS mixes elements of NoSQL with relational databases using loose structures within a tabular format, resulting in reliable and fast queries.
The path to automated software testing can be long and confusing. We'd like the chance to help you with the migration process and explain how Mabl speed up your time-to-market in the process.
A set of guidelines for businesses wishing to move their operations into the cloud.
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